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"Blondie's forgotten love child" - Ditto Music

"Imagine bottling and combining the attitude of 'Never Mind the Bollocks', the eccentricity of 'Different Class' and the quintessential Britishness from 'Up the Bracket' and you'll have a starting point on how describe 'M nage Trois'. The whole record is a delight, both catchy and inappropriate in equal measure." - Xpression FM at Exeter Uni

"It sounds as big, loud and bombastic as the band's aesthetic, designed to fuel an energetic crowd. They are indeed a blockbuster comic book movie of a band: energetic and eclectic, outrageous and yet unknown. They set out to create a big sound with an even bigger presence, a sonic Jerry Bruckheimer action picture, and on the evidence of this EP then it's a case of mission accomplished." - www.noisenoisenoise.co.uk

"Think Aerosmith, The Bangles, Debbie Harry, The Ramones, The New York Dolls , CBGB's and the film 'Into the Valley of The Ultra Vixens' all rolled into one and you may get a feel of what she's about." - The Gassienda

"Imagine the good bits from Sleeper, Garbage and Elastica with a bit more attitude, and taller and you wouldn't be a million miles away from them. I think you could use the NSFW tag for many of their lyrics, but they are delivered in such a way that you find yourself singing along and then suddenly realising what you are mouthing." - Rumbles and Grumbles

eyeplug.net - 50ft Woman - 'Menage Trois EP')

Debut EP from a London quintet who emerge with a well-released image and sound. Fittingly, Menage Trois features three tracks, with opener 'Psychic Hygiene' providing an introduction to the group's twisted bump'n'grind, lyrical dexterity and sassy soloing.

'(Strictly) Only Swinging' offers a salacious peek behind suburban lace curtains which builds to a churning sonic froth of desire.

As guitars Buzzcock and front (50ft) woman Minki's vulnerable diction evoke Deborah Harry, 'You're In Love With Love (But You Ain't In Love With Me)' coalesces as a Blondie-esque slice of bittersweet angst.

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Live review from The Gassienda club, Keighley

50ft Woman on the other hand really upped the anti somewhat! The band looking like some sleazy come sleazy go dime store hoodlums cranked up the Rock 'n' Roll vibe straight away. 'Minki' front woman is not '50ft'. BUT, was an awesome sight to behold. As she strolled onto the stage she reminded of one of those secretaries in some soft porn movie. Sultry, vivacious and ready to do some shorthand !!! The songs were damn fine coming on like a cross between The New York Dolls, Blondie and The Bangles. And in my book, that ain't a bad thing at all. The hoodlums played their balls off, and I swear Johnny Thunders had risen from the grave and was up there on stage. Or was that just the booze ? Who knows, who cares? Alls I can say is. Great band, great look, great catz!

live-music-scene.co.uk - 50ft Woman - 'Menage Trois')

After hearing only ten seconds of their first track '(Strictly) Only Swinging', you can instantly tell that the band has been able to recreate the energy they are well known for in their live performance onto this EP. This, combined with some good songwriting produces an inspiring amalgamation of post punk brilliance. The next two tracks 'Psychic Hygiene' and 'You're in Love With Love (But You Ain't in Love With Me)' both help to create a sense continuity as neither song is weaker then the other.

The band has achieved a perfect balance of catchy chorus hooks, first-rate instrumentation and vivid imagery through the witty lyrics. Their sound is as large as their name suggests, with Blondie being an obvious band to compare 50ft Woman to. It seems like the group have built upon a foundation left by the post punk movement, but are making something new and individual.

It is difficult to sum up 50ft Woman in a short, snappy sentence, but one thing I have noticed is how much the band grows on you with every listen. Each time you listen back you will begin to notice the impressive guitar work or a good lyric, and that makes this band instantly memorable. The EP is definitely worth a listen and hopefully we will be hearing more from these guys soon.

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Interview with Minki [excerpt] - eyeplug.net

Of the three tracks on the EP, 'Psychic Hygiene' and '(Strictly) Only Swinging' seem to represent the band's more visceral edge, whereas 'You're In Love With Love' is more melodic - would you say that this accurately represents the two sides of 50ft Woman's sound? Is it likely that as the group progresses, one side will eclipse the other?

It definitely represents the two sides! I'm glad you picked up on that. I do tend to have a very schizophrenic writing style, where it will be either one or the other! (Must be the Piscean element in me.) I think as a band we find it easy to flip between the two, and even the more full-on stuff will still have a melodic edge to it. The rule is that all of our songs must work acoustically, then you know for sure that it works as a song!

How have the band been going over live - is there a big difference between your most recent gigs and those from the group's early days?

I think we are a lot more confident, a lot better rehearsed and we have a lot more fun on stage as a result of that. When you know that the band is totally ready, you can relax more into it, which makes for a much better performance. And when the band has fun, it definitely means the audience have more fun too!

What kind of audiences are you getting?

A real mixture. There is always a struggle with London crowds as there is so much choice of gigs and place to go. ... The weirdest one we have done recently (but also one of the best), was at the Marussia Virgin Racing Weekend. About 300 F1 fans all camping for the British GP, in the rain, which thankfully stopped when we came on, and as it was still wet, the audience was about 40ft away under parasols and tents! We still got lots of new fans from that gig, so it was worth it.

I understand that you're due to shoot a video for the forthcoming single 'Google Tan' - do you have any specific visuals in mind for that?

Ah that would be telling! Well, 'Google Tan' is obviously about spending way too much time in front of a computer screen . so it will be based around that. We are storyboarding it this weekend and I can't wait to film it. There are rumours that I may be playing a few different characters in it, but you will just have to wait and see. Anything could happen in this band!

Any plans for an album, or touring? What's next for the band?

We ended up doing support dates with the Union ... then rushing off to the London Tattoo Convention, so we are up for a logistical challenge. After all, I'm used to it from the early days! We'd love to get on another couple of good tour support slots, we seem to make friends easily, thankfully.

Album? Yes! It's already in the pipeline. It's literally a matter of sitting down with our diaries and guitars and making concrete decisions. However, we won't release it until we are 100% happy with it. It's our debut album, and as such, needs to be all killer no fillers.

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